Monday, April 30, 2012

Monster Rally - Beyond The Sea

Monster Rally has been doing some incredible things since last year. He's now getting ready to release his second LP, Beyond The Sea, which will be out on Gold Robot Records June 19th. The Columbus dreamer gives us a dosage of goods from the upcoming, 'Honey' and 'Jaguar'. Download them both on the label's soundcloud or his bandcamp. Pre-order the album on 12"over here. Summer is nearing...

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SHAH MARG - 'Ashram'

I recently was contacted by Chennai beat-creator, SHAH MARG, with a debut track of his called, 'Ashram'. I dont know too much about the guy but his sound is something I totally dig. 'Ashram' is off his upcoming EP, Desert, which will be out May 22. The dub psychedelic number stretches across the vast desert sands in a funk stippling beat patterned manner. Reminds me a lot of Peaking Lights in ways. Download it from his bandcamp or down below...

SHAH MARG - Ashram

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some Ember - Hotel of Lost Light

Some Ember debuts a full length album entitled, Hotel of Lost Light, which is out now on Crash Symbols. The eerie vocal frustrations of Dylan Travis aka Some Ember are carefully gorged into a deep dark cave from which he sings his stories. His monumental transmissions in respect to time and space throughout his 8 track LP follows a grey-scaled color scheme that is named for a piece in Galway Kinnell's Book of Nightmares. Its on point beginning to end. 'Era of Wind' might just be one of my most favorite songs of 2012 thus far. Beautiful. Get the whole thing at a 'name your price deal' over on the label's bandcamp.
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Week in mixes

There were a several mixes that came out this past week that caught my undivided attention.

Frist, The Avalanches. The Australian genius group posted a link on their twitter to a mix, 'Sleep Bedtime Mix for Young Ones', this past week. Its mysteriously made under the name Henry Chinaski. It contains those feel-good oldie vinyl rips and easy going nostalgic preachers. Download it over here. And keep an eye out for their long awaited album to be released this year. via FACT Mag

Henry Chinaski - Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones

Second, Lone. Lone is to release his fourth LP, Galaxy Garden, via R&S Records April 30th (tomorrow). Pre-order it here on 12" and digital. In tease of his upcoming, Lone gives us RSMIX002, which is a compilation of some of his all-time favorites. No tracklist, but you can download it for free! Play name that song...via XLR8R

Third, Electric Egypt. Electric Egypt prepares for his upcoming album, Exotica, by curating a mix for the fine folks over at Dublab. Read his interpretation about the mix and download over here. The spell-bounding 36 min mix oozes with E.E.'s glorifying transportive sounds. Listen...

Electric Egypt – Avian Majesty

Friday, April 27, 2012

DECKast #30 - t.d.s.k.

The love and support That's Deck has been receiving over the past few months has been incredible and I cannot thank everyone enough; it means a lot to me. From having a radio show on Titan Radio for the past couple school semesters and recently signing on to RadioFlag; I have realized how much I enjoy sharing music with people on a day to day basis (listen to all my previous shows over on mixcloud). That being said I present to you something I have been working on for several months now. I have seen a new light and am planning to embark on many new projects this coming year. The 30th installment of this DECKast was recorded live from my bedroom and contains a selection of tracks that make me incredibly happy at the moment. Dance to it, groove to it, move to it, space to it, and get lost to it. Enjoy!

DECKast #30 - t.d.s.k. (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
The Caretaker - I Feel as if I Might be Vanishing
Himanshu - Ravi Shankar PSA
Luns - 1949, Machine
Addison Groove - It's Got Me
Slava - Gifts of Summer
Avalon Emerson - Zsa
Sir Influenza - Tu Mira
Mr.Oizo - Ska
Oh No - Xcalibur
Amalinja - The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination
Alias - Lady Lambin'
John Talabot - Last Land
The Avalanches - Etoh
Coyote Clean Up - You X Won't X Know
Sarp Yilmaz - Disco Inferno
Fort Romeau - Jack Rollin'
Daniel Wang - Adsr
Boddika - Rubba
Laurel Halo - Aquifer
Dream Continuum - Set It
DRC Music - Ah Congo (feat. Jupiter Bokondji and Bokatola System)
Duke Dumont - Perskrypshn Duke Edit
AL_PD - Loose
Onra - Cold Blooded
dBridge - So Lonely _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: DECKasts #1-29
DECKast #29 - The Olsen Twinns

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Andras Fox - Daydreaming

2010 Red Bull Music Academy participant, Andras Fox, hails from Melbourne and has a mini LP entitled, Daydreaming, coming out on This Thing in the coming month. The two track dance trigger falls back on its sharp funkadelic portal to create a feel-good vibe for the millions. 'That's All', takes on a garage disco haze that will make the body sway and make the head bop like it's 1975. The second track, 'ABCs', is a fine down-tempo daydreamer, plain and simple. The two short and sweet tracks will be available on CD / digital / limited 10", May 1st. Listen and download both from his soundcloud...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smoke Room - Caramelism

Finally Smoke Room releases his 13-track album entitled, Caramelism, out now on Zoom Lens. It's been a long time awaiting and now you can stream it all and purchase it for a reasonable price over at his bandcamp. Nothing less expected from Kyle. Always and forever great things. Turn off ur lights, turn up your speakers, and let yourself sink into this glory...

Video :: Shlohmo - 'Rained The Whole Time' (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Shlohmo - Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix) from Video Marsh on Vimeo.

Video :: Death Grips - 'I've Seen Footage'

Astronautica - 'Weekends'

Los Angeles rising beat mistress, Astronautica (reminds me of Astro Nautico lol), recently came up on my radar with her recently debuted 6-track self-titled EP on PH2 Records. The girl's ability to capture a solid and original sound in today's growing beat scene puts her at high tops with the sedative instrumentals she has on display. Her soundcloud dates back to tunes from last year and since then she has been developing her creative experimentations.

With her most recent interview on 92bpm she notes that alot of her influences come from that of the L.A. best scene itself. Brainfeeder cats such as FlyLo, Tokimonsta, Teebs, and more; it totally makes it apparent where her sound has derived from but in such a beautiful way. Her brand new track, 'Weekends', piles its obscuring guitar frets into a racket timed vocal spurt of Eddy's wavy articulations. Some really wonderful things coming from this gal. Download her new EP over at her bandcamp for free.

Astronautica - Weekends

 Also :: Here's a favorite of mine from her soundcloud...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video :: Nocow - 'No Vacancy' (feat. Lapti)

Nocow - No Vacancy (feat. Lapti) from Origami Sound on Vimeo.

Taken from Nocow'sGather Strength LP - forthcoming on Bekas Music.

Lapti - 'Orchestral Pit'

There's no doubt that Moscow producer, Lapti, knows how exactly to treat the ear drums with his blissful feel-good sound. He's been consistently keeping his fans occupied on soundcloud with new sounds month to month. His newest downloadable banger, 'Orchestral Pit', breathes underwater where the soul nurtured saints live and everything sees instant gratification. It's a perfect summer starter and an elevated-mood shaper. Listen in...

Lapti - Orchestral Pit

Also :: Here's another recent cut of his...
_________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: Lapti - 'JJ'
Lapti - JJ

Alphabets Heaven - 'Woman' (Robot Koch_over the moon Remix)

King Deluxe prepares to release Alphabets Heaven's newest EP entitled, Boosh, which will be released May 1st. The EP contains four new spacey glitch jams as well as three remixes from Alphabet's previous compositions. Robot Koch's genius rework of, 'Woman (feat. Alessi's Ark)', redefines the formerly ethereal track into a consistent rhythm roller that can easily intoxicate and loosely move the body beyond the higher ground. Truly magnificent and profoundly uplifting. Stream the whole EP over at King Deluxe's bandcamp. Keep an eye out for this...

Original ::
_________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: Alphabets Heaven - moonc mix

Monday, April 16, 2012

biblo - Projection

2011 Red Bull Music Academy participant, biblo, hails from Istanbul making ambient infused soundscapes. She has been experimenting with sounds since 2009, which is when her first release dates back to on her bandcamp. Her newest release, Projection, digs deep into rural dark tones, time-bending eerie loops, flaunted bass hits, and dubby dotted quarters. Its an industrial formulation that will surely have you mesmerized. Listen to it, purchase it, and download it...

Update :: Biblo guest appears on fellow RBMA participant, Pazes, new gorgeous tune...

Video :: Jessie Ware - '110%' (Prod. Julio Bashmore)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dearest - 'No Sleep'

My favorite L.A. dreamers, Dearest, have a brand new heart warmer for us on their soundcloud. Late night melancholia and down right dreamy tidiness. 'No Sleep' will put you to sleep because its so damn beautiful or make you think deep down in thought and memory forgetting about all else. Either way take a listen and you will be bound to emit some emotion...
  _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: first listen :: Dearest - 'Patience'
Dearest - Patience

Thursday, April 12, 2012

deadCAT - weareinaCULT

I recently got treated in my inbox with an EP from swooning acid-pop duo, deadCAT. They hail from the ATL and have their most recent EP, weareinaCULT, out now on Madrid and Brighton label Youth Latitudes. The duo has been making music independently for a while now, and has an abundant amount of previous recordings on both their soundcloud and bandcamp.

Their newest release comprises of glitchy alternative waves that drip instantaneously in a noisy complex of raw sound. Eerie vibes conclusively. It almost takes you on a little journey from bright day to dark night with the order of their EP. Really neat stuff. Download it for free over at the label's bandcamp...

deadCAT - weareinaCULT (click to download)

Smoke Room - "Caramelism" Preview

On April 15th, Smoke Room will be releasing his first full-length album entitled "Caramelism".

Listen to a preview here and watch the video preview above. | soundcloud | bandcamp

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grimes - 'Outer' (RAJA Remix)

About a week ago RAJA uploaded his soundcloud with a set of old and new remixes. He uploaded one before any other and it was his remix of Grimes' short and sweet track, 'Outer', from her 2010 album, Halfaxa. RAJA has taken the interlude track and extended it with a striking UK garage rhythm that rolls the formerly subtle piece into a short post-dancefloor groove. Download and listen to his set of 10 remixes over here. This is just is one of the remixes, all the others go just as hard, don't pass it up...

Grimes - Outer (RAJA Remix)

Also :: About a day ago RAJA gave his soundcloud another free head-banging original... _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: RAJA - Red

Ostinato - Symmetria

Sydney, Australian beat-maker, Ostinato, releases his debut EP, Symmetria, which is out now on Free the Beats. Its compelling beat oratory complexion leaves a resonating ora that lays finely in between his ethereal speaking sound. Down-tempo symmetry of loops, booms, traps, and bubbles. Been on this one a lot lately. Check out all of this guy's other incredible pieces over on soundcloud. Download the whole EP for free over at the collective's bandcamp...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Huerco S. - No Jack EP

Huerco S.'s first release on vinyl was just released by Wicked Bass. "Lo-fi", saturated house music from Kansas City that will warm you up. Be sure to purchase a copy. Available at Boomkat and Juno. Find two of his previous releases at his bandcamp here and check out his soundcloud as well.

Huerco released this really cool video about a month back which is a track featured on his, No Jack EP. So rad...

Also :: Here's his version of Abel's newest single, 'Girls', out now on Astro Nautico. Download the whole thing here.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Krusht - 'Think Hazy Streets' (ft. Deanna Neil)

AMDISCS label member, Krusht, gives out a fine tune featuring the eerie vocals of Deanna Neil. 'Think Hazy Streets' cuts to the chase and emits future popping visions. Deanna's voice very much reminds me of Nite Jewel's in some ways. Really lovely track beginning to end. Listen and check out Krusht's soundcloud.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nifkin & Larus Ridibundus - PPP005

The good brothers over in Sweden from the Pom Peri Posse crew release their fifth release featuring the duet of Nifkin and Larus Ridibundus. Both, are two soulful enthusiastic dudes that have a sense of time and rhythm I have yet to hear anywhere else. I love when these two team up, they always manage to curate something extraordinary. This 5th release of their's does exactly that, Nifkin and Larus have aggregated and produced what sounds like sub-terrain of bass alley ways that leak of ghettotech formations and footworked rhythms. One of my favorite tracks off this, 'Deep Strolling', takes the vocals of Adele and warps to them into an instant classic. They are an overlooked bunch. Get their post-dancefloor bangers at a 'name your price deal' over on the crew's bandcamp. Listen for yourself...

_________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: Pom Peri Posse - Gathering #1

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Video :: Analogue Monsta - 'Time To'

Avalon Emerson - 'Horoscope'

Ms.Emerson, has been working hard in the studio and has pushed out a brand new track for the world to get lost in to. I posted about her sometime last week and it immediately grabbed her attention. I have been exchanging emails with her since and she has agreed to install an upcoming mix for the DECKast series! Watch out for that. In the meantime take the next seven and a half minutes to be hypnotized by abstracting and sultry dance-floor rhythms in, 'Horoscope'...
  _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: Avalon Emerson - 'Zsa'

Monday, April 2, 2012

TineZ - 'Drowning By Numbers' mix

Former DECKastee, TineZ, made a mix for the month of April and it goes hard in the paint. Check the tracklist over at his soundcloud. Pop it in and pop off...
  _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: DECKast #20 x TineZ and Alexander
DECKast #20 - TineZ and Alexander mix

Beat Culture - 'Slow Flight' (ft.vyxor)

Beat Culture teams up with Berkeley vocalist, vyxor, to deliver his newest track, 'Slow Flight'. To hear where young Sunik started from and comparing it his most recent, his sound as Beat Culture definitely come a long way. 'Slow Flight' echoes, reverbs, cascades, and takes the listener literally on a slow impacted flight. Chill vibes all around...
  _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: PORTALS mixtape #1

Sigur Rós - 'Ekki Mukk' (D33J Remix)

D33J reworks Sigur Rós' newest track, 'Ekki Mukk'. He takes the scenic and almost-ambient composition and flips it upside down, to create a leaky bass brooding haven. So much soul embedded into this revision, it will give you the chills, and medicate your ear drums. Download and listen below...

Sigur Rós - Ekki Mukk (D33J Remix)

Original ::
_________________________________________________________________________________ Previously ::
Drake - Over My Dead Body (D33J Drowned Radio Remix)

Nvthlss - ep2

Nvthlss drops a new short-shaped beat-tape. Five tracks of lounge, carefree, and soul-gauging hip-hop beats. Always great things coming from David. Support and listen to his feel-goods...

Nvthlss - ep2 (click to download)
  _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: Nvthlss - ep1