Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Synesthesiae Films - Artists' Valley mix

A couple days ago the favorite Synesthesiae Films put together a mix of Bibio, Letherette, and Lone rarity compositions. Apparently Artists' Valley is the name of the Wolverhampton based collective/record label of the three electronic based artists. The 30 minute mix explores folktronic, vintage based sampling, and branched off excursions of nostalgia fabricated from the intuitively melodic brains of Letherette, Bibio, Lone, Loafe & Merge, SK Dreams, and Duckular. Don't pass this one up. It's so rare and so damn good. Learn more and download the whole thing on SF's soundcloud.

Tracklist ::
Artists` Valley Corporate Jingle (SK Dreams)
Just As New (Letherette)
Tribio (Bibio)
Ice Dream Van (SK Dreams)
Snake in a Bag (Loafe & Merge)
Chasing The Snowbird (Bibio)
Maybe (Letherette)
Yes Please (Duckular)
Wonderment Montage (Lone)
Leaves of Glass (Loafe & Merge)
Smart Susie Sunrise (Lone)
Niscopula (Letherette)
On Flight 479 (Duckular)
Artists` Valley Corporate Jingle (Bibio)

Also :: Check out this other awesome mix Synesthesiae put together of some of Lone's finest works, some of which you may not have even heard of yet...

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