Tuesday, December 11, 2012

King Deluxe : Year Two

King Deluxe Records celebrates its second year with a compilation given the fit title of, Year: Two, continuing on its imaginary animated and illustrated saga. The roster includes the favorites of the label, Fancy Mike, Alphabets Heaven, Muta, Almandine (Evy Jane + Zoey Ockenden), Calvin Cardioid, Julien Mier, and several other incredible acts. Download the whole compilation and read detailed descriptions of each contributor and their coinciding army built characters, over here.

So many great sounds and art have surfaced through and from this label its ridiculous to even begin to describe. Its always a journey listening to their cerebral sets of electronic based compositions and, Year: Two, celebrates their second year of existence on this planet offering that journey for the listener. Varying in sample based nature, 8-bit, glitch, bass, and other hybrid pop experimental techno coder sounds, it puts Vancouver on the map for having some of the most unique talent to be making electronic sounds in todays endlessly evolving scenes. Here is one of my favorite tunes from the release, 'Fade Away' given by Almandine and Das Robbie's remix of the original...

Video ::  Check out this animation trailer that Henning M. Lederer made for the release...

Also ::  Check out Video for Almandine's, 'Fade Away', directed, produced, and edited by Zoey Ockenden and Evelyn Mason.

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