Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Captain Murphy - Duality

So if you didn't already know, the mysterious Cartoon Network like rap figure, Captain Murphy, unveiled himself to be the great Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison. He dropped his first mixtape, Duality, and its an explosion of otherworldly rap material from the mastermind himself. A lot of meaningful messages being transmitted in his pitched down lyrical content. The references to Indian spiritual ideologies such as Kundalini and the chakras fit in nicely with his wavy vinyl fitted cult-like rap meditative arrangements. The mixtape comes with a bunch of cool artwork and an awesome roster of featuring producers and artists such as Madlib, Earl Sweatshirt, Jeremiah Jae, and more. Download the whole thing here. Here is one of my favorites off the tape...

Captain Murphy - Children of the Atom (Prod. Madlib and Flying Lotus)

Also :: Check out Flying Lotus', 'Tiny Tortures', music video taken off his album, Until The Quiet Comes. The video was directed by David Lewandowski and stars Elijah Wood.

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