Friday, November 16, 2012

Emotion Coder - My Never Ending Wish EP

I recently got a submission from Kolkata based electronic musician, Emotion Coder aka Victor Marak, and his debut EP on Romania's, Mojear Records. Its a three piece EP entitled, My Never Ending Wish, and it consists of three original mixes. He is a self-taught musician and is well known for his contributions to the Indian underground rock scenes. Victor was formerly apart of Indo-electronic outfit, Tablatronics. He has made several recordings in numerous fields of sounds and his new EP shines light on all those accomplishments.

The opening track, 'Signify', sportively hooks a trip-hop crept rhythm alongside a soothing fantasy felt melody where as track number two, 'Streets', delves deep down into the funk toned jazz cat alleyway calling all those soulful individuals. Lastly 'Cocentric', balances the properties of life in a harmonic synth ordeal for the night ride home. Listen to a snippet of the whole EP below or on MR's soundcloud. Purchase the EP over at beatport. Also watch out for his upcoming DECKast.

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