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Interview :: DECKast #37 x Coyote Clean Up

Coyote Clean Up has been an absolute favorite of mine from sometime now. His collaborative EP with FUR was when I first encountered his sound back in 2010 and since then I've been hooked. The Metro Detroit artist, DJ, and musician takes the repetition of sounds to otherworldly spaces that blossom in the mind with a dosage of any one of his mind-churning creations. Its gritty, its feely, and down-right chilled out for you to lean, cruise and dream off to. I luckily got in touch with the talented soul to talk about what he's been up to as of late. We talked about Detroit, music festivals, and what we can expect to hear from him next. Check out the interview with him below.

Icecoldchrissy's mix for this issue of the DECKast stretches its groovy head-nodding basslines into a time-warp of soaring sound portals. Its one hell of an adventure on the ears that will trip you to the murky underground depths of the Detroit dancefloor to experience a raw sensation from head to toe. The body will move and the mind will discover and explore. Download the mix at its entirety below...

DECKast #37 - Coyote Clean Up mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
Beams : MRCP
Manuel G : NEVA
Dwayne Jensen : Watch Me Walk Away (Real Rite Deep Inst Mix)
Terrence Dixon : Emergency
Coyote Clean Up : New Bangs (Dub One)
Adam Rowe : Not Soon Enough
Damned Dogs : HAIA
Bandshell : Midas
Moodymann : Why Do U Feel
K. Thomas : Relax
Jaqkquil : Late Sips
1991 : Tangerine Lidl

Also :: CCU has some awesome new material to surface in the coming months that you should keep tab of. First is his upcoming release on Time No Place entitled, Magma Mondays, out November 19. Stream the glorious first track of the 7-track album and read more details on the release over here. Second, CCU contributes a track for Derrick May and Jimmy Edgar's upcoming compilation, We Love Detroit, out on December 3.

Click 'Read More' for my interview with Coyote Clean Up...

What are you currently thinking about?
Everything all at once. It's overwhelming, but I'm really trying to simply my life and find a deeper peace of mind. I just ordered a bunch of random books that I just received in the mail. There's a great blog called that everyone should check out. With technology going wild and the massive amount of people on planet earth, I think it's really important for everyone to slow down a bit and pay attention to details, what makes life happy and worth living, and each other. A lot of people don't care enough about other people's feelings… and that's terrible. Aside of that I've been thinking about what I usually think about which is art, abstract art, photographs, fashion, people, places, culture, ideas. Lots of visual things… I've been focusing on my visual art more than usual. I took a trip the other weekend and have been having really intense emotional and visual dreams… but for the first time in my life, the dreams are making perfect sense, even when they are completely off the wall. A friend of mine was telling me that she's starting to believe that time isn't linear at all… It's more circular if you will. I'm starting to believe that. I'm trying to breakthrough all the social norms and bend typical scientific beliefs and reasoning into something more deeper and positive than basic current beliefs.

What does this mix contain? Any significance for the particular track selection?
When I make mixes I usually just jump right into them like I would a DJ set… mixing tracks together that I'm currently feeling. I like picking things from different fields and the neat juxtapositions they create when grouped together. Some of my friends, local cats, and people that I don't know but respect their music. All the artists here definitely have deep bodies of work worth looking into.

Does Detroit have to do a lot with the sounds you create? Are you often influenced by your environment?
Yes. For the first half of the the aughts I had a studio apartment in Detroit . The city has picked up a huge great deal since then as far as young people living there (artist, musicians, art events, etc), so at the time, I was a bit lonely. I didn't have a car so I'd just either skateboard, walk, or ride my bike around the city for hours then come home and make weird music. Trippy, dubby, shoegazey stuff that would loop forever. I became rather introverted, but now, from a creative standpoint, I realize from what an odd and interesting influence it had on me. Musically, obviously, the sounds of the city bleed into my work without even thinking about it. R&B… the old reverb drenched sound of the Motown Era… Techno… Deep House… Hip-Hop.. and some weird Post-Punk, Indie, and experimental sorts of things. The current (and long standing) post-industrial aspect of the city just bleeds creativity. There's a huge deal of artistic freedom here, you can do whatever you want in Detroit. It's the Motor City, so there's lots of driving involved. There's no public transportation. I'm always listening to tons of music in the car. The streets don't seem to be lit very well here so long drives become quiet the trip when you're getting deep into the tunes. My one buddy used to call his car The Spaceship and just go for night rides bumping tunes. One neat thing about Detroit, is people come there from all over the local region. If you look back into the Motown era, you had people from Flint, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, etc. What is considered the Metro Area is a huge radius. I read on the back of this record from the 1960's that they considered "Metro Detroit" from Detroit, to Flint, to Ann Arbor. If you look on a map, that's huge. The rest of Michigan, and the Great Lakes, is filled with peaceful wilderness. Huge contrast to the decayed and crumbled parts of Detroit… but that contrast is very interesting as well. For all the pain in Detroit there's something equally amazing.

Do you play a lot of underground events in Detroit?
All I play is underground events! Most every event in Detroit, except big touring acts, is underground. There isn't always the hugest of turn outs, but it's always an interesting mix of people.. and all the people that are there want to be. The artistic freedom that goes along with that is great as well. If you're DJing… it doesn't matter what kind of records you are playing… if you can dance to it… people will feel the vibe. One major downside is that the floor is usually very dirty, the bathroom is very dirty, and a lots of broken sound systems and things like that. Also, I can't stand the crime in the city. Even the little things like people's car window's being broken out.

If you were to put on a music festival, who would you have perform and what would it be called?
Excellent question! I think I would name it HELLA KOOKED. It would have to 3 days and somewhere really nice.. near a beach or forest and a lake.. in the summertime. We'd have Gorillaz headlining, that's for sure. Massive Attack. Quakers or Portishead. Everything But The Girl. How about the Specials too? Oh, then Lee Perry, the Scientist, and Augustus Pablo. I'd keep it deep and local on one spectrum with Terrence Dixon, Dopplereffekt, Shake Shakir, Pittman, Moodymann, Andres, Rick Wilhite, Amp Fiddler and a few others. Lots of my friends… Jimmy Edgar, Dead Pool and Moon Band, Adam Rowe, Count Macey, Andrew Remdenok, Full Frontal, Jamacian Queens, Jono, Bilijax, City Center or Damned Dogs, Oblisk, Evian Christ, SELA and anyone else I'm forgetting. The 100% Silk screw. The Time No Place Crew. Night Slugs crew. Lukid, Actress, 1991, Samoyed, Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, Joy O, Avalon Emerson, Gerry Read, Madteo. Atoms for Peace. ESG. Crackpot from Australia. Die Monitr Batss, Justin Trosper, Kurt Vile, Tobi Vail, Red Stars Theory, Mount Eerie. Cat Power solo. DenMother. Brooke Manning. The Orb. DJ Koze. Mouse On Mars and the Sonig crew. Oval. Stereolab. Danny Brown. Roxxxan. Phat Kat. Maayan Nidam. Evy Jane. Chicago Underground Trio or Duo or Isotope 217 or Tortoise, Bundy K Brown, and anyone else from Chicago. Kim Gordon and Free Kitten. Black Bananas. Sky Ferreira. Jim O'Rourke. I think the different stages would be set up by mood… the sad stage… the punk stage… the deep stage… the dance insanely stage… etc. I think there would have to be lots of fresh fruit and designated chilling area's and then designated dancing areas. There's have to be a lot of people working there and safety would be the first priority. Maybe we could have a bunch of free clothes, or a clothing swap, with washing machines, so if you didn't like your outfit you find a new one. There would be a big holistic first aid area.. so even if you had a headache or your feet hurt you could go get help. Maybe even a bunch of therapists if you were having some mental issues. Lots of hippie sports like hacky sack, frisbee, and hulu hoops. Maybe you couldn't even buy tickets, you'd have to earn one by doing charity or humanitarian work. I think it would be pretty cool.

You are very consistent with your sound. Is there a specific process you go about composing a track? Or does it vary?
It's funny you say that, because I never think my sound is consistent and I'm always freaking out about it. The one consistent thing is that it's always me, alone in an empty room, with a computer, and a few cheap instruments. Sometimes I'll think of melodies, vocal lines, or rhythms in my head and then go home and record them. Sometimes I will just start with composing a beat of some sort. My process is very experimental, but I've been doing it for over 10 years now, so it's become a very organic language for me.

Are there any upcoming releases / shows people should be aware of?
Yes! I have a mini-album coming out very soon on Time No Place, a great new label from LA doing lots of exciting things in a fresh, post-modern, sort of way. Early in the new year that I have a new 12" coming out 100% SILK dubbed which 'm real excited about that. Sometime soon there will be a 12" called "Wet and Sketchy" on my buddy's new label Selfish Agenda Records. There's some other releases in the works as well that I guess I have to keep a secret. Always working on remixes, mixtapes, videos, art, and other weird random things as well. Other than local gigs, I'm hoping to do some touring in the new year. :)

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