Monday, October 22, 2012

first listen :: Zeadron - 'ODRAVE'

[Art by Brian Vu]

Orange County native, Jack Heffron aka Zeadron is one young electronic producer and songwriter that everyone should have an ear out for. He explores the spectrums of sound that range in the house, garage, dubstep and bass fields. If you can recall, Zeadron released two magnificent pieces last year on Rebel; Hold My Hand? No and When I Fall. Since then he's been continuously uploading his soundcloud with gorgeous experimentations one after another exposing the world to his solid often overlooked productions.

I recently caught up with Jack and he gave me a first listen of his most recent composition, 'ODRAVE'. The uplifting dance-floor stomper is a soundtrack to that of a mega rave of some kind. The life-altering moments where the dancer experiences the perfect dosage of euphoria and gratification through the sound waves of repetitive basslines that travel through the speakers. Its a two and a half minute journey you cannot forget...

Zeadron - ODRAVE

Also :: Last week on Thats Deck x TIRadio, I featured an unreleased Zeadron number, 'Night Terror', that is worth checking out. Listen...

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