Monday, September 17, 2012

Ohbliv - blkcodes.ep

Most recently Richmond beat instrumentalist, 0hbliv, granted a gracious masterpiece on HW&W Recordings entitled, Up. Its some of the best works I've heard from him and possibly any hip-hop beat producer as of late. He takes his time and precision in crafting his pieces, making an atmosphere of soul that will likely have any listener stop in their tracks and began to sway their heads like its the end of time. Nothing but good vibes and purely uplifting. Purchase it and listen here, I highly recommend it. In light of this big release, a few days ago he shared his, blkcodes.ep, on bandcamp at a 'name your price deal'. The 4-track EP is a perfect post-album tease; like a cherry on top of a sundae. Turn it up and wind-down...

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