Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Supa Sortahuman x Shawn Kemp - Supasonic EP

Towards the end of this last month, Lil Ugly Mane aka Shawn Kemp uploaded his bandcamp with a release from Huntsville - Alabama rap group, Sortahuman. Shawn produced all the tracks on, Supasonic, and features as Lil Ugly Mane in two of my favorite tunes off the EP, 'Blazin Up' and 'Me and You'. Time and time again Lil Ugly Mane impresses and finds a way to switch it up in his beat making instrumental abilities. There are few producers that you can compare Mr.Kemp; he's doing things in his own unique way bringing that new new. Supa of Sortahuman carries this release all in all. Great collaboration of minds. Get the whole EP at a 'name your price deal'...

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