Saturday, August 11, 2012


If you aren't already familiar with London 15 year old, Happa, I highly suggest you check in with his sound. Its brewed in from his Half Persian Prince mind in the ways of Leeds. He did a great introductory mix on Mary Anne Hobbs mighty XFM show. Incredible forms of "dark twisted techno and house", just as Ms.Hobbs mentions. The kid has been cooking up tracks left and right on the burner throwing out tunes that are carried by this dingy warehouse vibe. Its clear his sound will fire up any dancefloor and get any mind bopping enough to feel the rhythm of his chompy hollowed out techno creations. Happa's upcoming releases will be on the Wigflex // Church labels. Check out all his vibing material on soundcloud. Below are some of my favorites cuts and mixes from the kid...

Happa - Wigmix8

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