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Interview :: DECKast #34 x Sulk Station

My new favorite up and coming electronic music act from Bangalore, India, comprises of Rahul Giri and Tanvi Rao a duo forming the name Sulk Station. I posted about their most recent release, Till You Appear, not too long ago. They were gracious enough to take some time out and create a mix for this issue of the DECKast and answer a couple questions I had for them. The short 25 min mix seeps with head-bopping curiosity and a hook of relaxing wind-down tunes that might force you to sit down and reflect. Listen to the mix and read the interview below...

DECKast #34 - Sulk Station mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
Evy Jane - SAYSO
Airhead & James Blake - Pembroke
Kouta - Granola
Flying lotus feat. Gonja Sufi - Testament
Airhead - Paper Street
Rudi Zygadlo - Melpomene
JAW JAM - U don't know
DJ Roc - Fuck Dat
Lorn - Ghosst

Click 'Read More' for my interview with Sulk Station...

Firstly, tell me a little bit about how the name Sulk Station came about and when you guys started making music together?
Haha Tanvi sulks a lot. The band was named after her.

What does this mix contain? Any significance for the particular track selection?
The mix contains some of my favorite songs – old, recent and very new. Not much deliberation etc just went with the flow, and tried to cover as much ground as possible.

What was the thought process behind “Till you Appear”? Was there a certain sound you guys were originally going for or did it just come with constant experimentation?
Till you appear is made up of songs we have written and performed over the last two years or more. I think it was in mid 2011 that we realized that we had enough songs to make an album. From there on it was just a matter of consolidation. Till you appear wasn’t a concept / vision sonically and otherwise that we worked towards; the final sound was a result of constant fiddling about, gigging etc. I think if at all, we wanted to keep everything as minimal as possible. I think James Blake – James Blake and King Creoste & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine were two albums that informed/inspired us, in terms of what an album should be like, the flow, the treatment, honesty, aesthetics etc towards the final stages of the album production, not so much when the songs were written.

The both of you put out these emotionally charged songs with traces of post-dubstep and trip-hop influences, some of the first of its kind to be heard from India. Its incredibly refreshing. How do you feel the current scene and future is for this genre in Bangalore or India as a whole?
Well the album got a lot love, when it came out – exceeded all our expectations. So in terms of listenership/consumption I am very hopeful of the scene. Not just electronic music, any new music with an iota of originality and heart gets a lot of love in our small yet growing scene. There are more kids making music out of their bedrooms, digging out original sounds, which is very refreshing. As far as our kind of sound/genre goes, there are not many people making this kind of music. The electronic music scene is ruled by EDM mostly. Dubstep/Drum&Bass is what draws people to clubs. And the only way to survive in the scene is through gigs. So not many people delve into club unfriendly sounds. The drop rules the scene like everywhere else. But hopefully more players will pop up soon.

Are you guys planning on a next release anytime soon? Have any record labels in mind or are you sticking to self-releases?
We have a couple of tracks in the making, so thinking about an EP, but not really sure when and how we will release it. I think self-release is the way to go. Although I wouldn’t mind a Ninja Tune or Apollo Records release : ))) #wishlist.

Lastly, do you guys plan on ever touring in the US?
Ha Ha we would love to, but no plans in place. Although, some thing is on the cards for U.K. Close enough? : )
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