Sunday, July 22, 2012

David Douglas - 'California Poppy'

About a month ago electronic Dutch producer, David Douglas, debuted his EP Royal Horticultural Society on the Atomnation label, creating a significant buzz in the music blogosphere. I had come across his sound at that time but somehow overlooked his most popular off the release, 'California Poppy'. Giving the song a several more listens I discovered its absolute glory. The frontier filled number elevates its feel-good analog stabs and takes you soaring over California. It makes you want to live life to its fullest and have your mind be taken on an adventure. It definitely evokes some emotions out of me when I hear those reverbed flute whistles hovering over that gorgeous bassline melody. The rest of his EP is exceptionally as beautiful. Highly suggest this. Listen and purchase the whole thing over at his soundcloud. Download and watch the video for 'California Poppy' below...

Video ::

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