Monday, July 2, 2012

Chits - U(RSELF) EP

Pennsylvania producer, Chits, finally has a solid release for his fans. He recently debuted his 4-track EP entitled, U(RSELF). Looking back at Chits' older tunes compared to the 4 being showcased on this self-release; it's apparent that he took a departure from his experimental juke creations and came up with something alot more darker and mature. Its relatable down-tempo and rhythmical structure let's the listener know that there was a lot spirit embedded into the core of each track's building process. I think we even get to hear the vocals of Young Chits himself in his 3rd number, 'Ur Name'. Don't sleep on this one. Its free, so by all means take a couple of minutes, listen, and download off his soundcloud...

Chits - U(RSELF) EP (click to download)

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