Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aria Rostami - 'Song For The Sinking City'

San Francisco soloist Aria Rostami recently came up on my radar with an email in my inbox. I was immediately drawn towards his name and for that matter the description he included describing his sound. His recently released EP, Peter, is a nice little treat for the ears and immediately lovable to those who dig Balam Acab and similarly constructed sounds. The third track on the EP, 'Song For The Sinking City', stretches out reverb tones and textures; alluring and unwinding the space that hurls in with its scattered rhythms into the ears like a tide running in and out of a pool gutter. Its really something special. Download the whole EP for free off his soundcloud and watch his video for 'My Bobby Valentine' and 'Black Ring' (Prod. by Render Jones) down below...

Aria Rostami - Song For The Sinking City

Video ::

Aria Rostami - My Bobby Valentine / Black Ring from Matthew Sevilla on Vimeo.

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