Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thallus - To Gain Volatility

Ritmo Sportivo's newest addition comes from German hip-hop experimentalist, Thallus, who delivers a 14 track memoir of past time and time a head, giving the listener nostalgic/future beats for the down-tempo time frames. This is Thallus' debut release on the label and has had two self-releases prior to this one (check them out here). To Gain Volatility is a canvas that Thallus has carefully painted; with his laid-back off-kiltered beats and innovativeness of electronic sounds that come from his Roland SP-404.

Its oddly arranged and disoriented with drugging clicks, thumps, and chimes that steep in and out of the ears like tea bags committing an outwardly organic euphoria of some kind within the mind. Every beat carries a therapeutic aura in some manner or pattern be it the vintage feel-good vocalizations or the mimicking earthlink industrial sweeps and noise cases. Oh and also those incredibly intoxicating percussive rhythms. Its a glorious set of sounds that need a home in your music library. Download it for free it over on the label's bandcamp...

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