Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sulk Station - 'Contentment'

I was recently introduced to Bangalore electronic/trip-hop duo, Sulk Station. The emotional electronic influenced group consists of electronic mechanic, Rahul Giri and atmospheric vocalist, Tanvi Rao. Earlier this year they brought to the world their debut release, Till you appear, a heart-felt 10 numbered broken diary story. The duo's ability to transport the unknowing mind to their highly translucent and meditative state of sound is absolutely gripping and impressing. Although its easy to unsuccessfully rip the sound and styles of Portishead, Radiohead, and James Blake; there's no doubt that the sound that these two are brewing out in their Bangalore bedrooms has a truly unique form of its own. Purely original and down-right addicting.

I am a fan of all the tracks on this album, but one that sticks out the most to me would have to be their track, 'Contentment'. Its a tune that they had made a demo for about two years back when the two joined forces in 2009 (check out all those demos here). 'Contentment', finds itself ranked #3 on the duo's album and might just be one of the best from the whole thing. It's stuttering basslines and Ms.Rao's atmospheric cries constrict the mind and make you forget about all else. You almost forget that the group is even from India. It's absolutely mesmerizing as is every other track on here. Till you appear is a canvas of dark gray clouds and rainy day specials that Rahul and Tanvi have gorgeously painted, draped, and polished. Transport yourself to their Bangalore bedroom and dim the lights for the day. Purchase their debut over on iTunes or bandcamp. Next level sounds from India...

Sulk Station - Contentment

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