Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lucy - 'Milgram Experiment'

Luca Mortellaro aka Lucy hails from Berlin and runs things over at the growing imprint, Stroboscopic Artefacts. His latest release is a 4 track EP entitled, Banality Of Evil. Its Lucy's take on the dark sides of human psychology, experimenting with warm dub cycles and minimally caverned vocal samples. 'Milgram Experiment' digs deep down into the self-destructive state of "I began to feel that, I was loosing my identity". The drowning loop submerges itself in its minimal techno cloak and explores its mind-bending capabilities with Lucy's stripped down rural bass cadence. I have been on this one for a while now, previously featured it on my Radio set at TIR on 4-7-12. Relisten over on mixcloud. Stream the whole EP over here and purchase over here.

Also :: Check out his amazing mix for Resident Advisor Podacst series...

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