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Interview :: DECKast #32 x SELA.

A couple of months ago I got in contact with the very talented, SELA., and he was kind enough to mix in for this issue of the DECKast. Not only did he make a mix but he also answered some questions I had for him as to why he does the things he does. We talked about him and his relationship with the sounds he creates as well as some upcoming releases. Nothing but good vibes on this 20 min mix of his. Read my interview with the 18 year old Californian after the jump. Check it out...

DECKast #32 - SELA. mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
doeTheGhost - Different 2.0
Rebuilder - Wumbo
Contact Lens - Veins So Cold
Hiroshi Fujiwara [In Dub Conference] - Natural Born Dub [Riverside Christmas Remix]
Friendzone - I Miss Y'all
Toy Trains - Future x Cardcaptor Sakura - Honey Magic
Knxwledge - Spritzr
Coyote Clean Up - Nothing But Us
Lando Kal - Run It
Le Knight Club - Gator
Knxwledge - Beech
Justin Martin / Ardalan - Mr. Spock
Audionite - Feel
Kidnap Kid - Rectitude (Arcade Remix)
knx. - nevr (unreleased)

Click 'Read More' for my interview with SELA.

Firstly, tell me a little bit about yourself and your musical background.
Well I suppose I’d like people to look for my real name (it’s not that hard to find), but: I’m an 18 year old from Vallejo, California who makes songs on a netbook in his bedroom. Very plain I know, but I don’t like referring to myself as an ‘artist’ or a ‘musician’. What do those terms even mean? Why limit yourself with label, you know?

What does this mix contain? Any significance for the particular track selection?
Literally just random songs that I like. Some new, some old. I followed a theme at first but it’s really hard to pair a bunch of songs I like that aren’t by the same artist. (As you can tell) It sort of just veers off into this house/’left-field’ vibe towards the end. Hopefully everyone enjoys it though.

What inspires you to create these certain atmospheric/down-tempo tunes? Does nostalgia play any role in the process?
It’s all self-expression in the sense that pretty much all songs being sampled are ones that I truly love or have connected with in some way (which is subsequently a reflection of my taste in music). There’s no single thing, honestly. It’s really all love. I hear these things and I vibe with them and I want to represent that vibe through my music. As far as inspiration, I really could elaborate more than needed so I’ll just say: I’m inspired by my life and everything I’ve encountered in all forms so far. We are all interconnected. But in regards to nostalgia on my part, no not really. People seem to slap that label on it because of the imagery and other things, but as I stated in the above, it’s all just self-expression/reflection of tastes. It’s all literally just stuff that I like and want to represent because it is in fact a part of me in some way.

What kind of equipment / program do you use to make your music? Are there any live instruments involved?
Saying I’m poor would be ignorant so I’ll just say I’m not rich enough to purchase a bunch of equipment. I say all this to say, I literally just use the DAW (FL Studio). No equipment. I’ve never had any equipment. Just my netbook. Haha.

In your release, I-IV, what triggered you to record this one? You mention some really deep feelings. What kind of state of mind were you in at the time?
This is another thing that I could elaborate on more than needed, so again I’ll just say: At the beginning of last year a lot of things weren’t going ‘right’ and I coped/vented through writing all the time. That 6 months of writing resulted in ‘I-IV’. State of mind specifically, though? I’d just say I was ‘unhealthy’. As more time went by, I saw less and less of a ‘point’ in things. That in combination with bad circumstances just resulted in me falling deeper and deeper into a ‘dark’ headspace. I don’t regret any of it though. Wouldn’t be who I am today without that experience. (Corny I know, but it’s true).

Do you have any live performances or sets lined up for the summer that we should know about?
Currently, no. If I’m being honest here then I’ll just say, it’d be cool to play a show, but I’d need to learn how to play a show first! Haha.

Lastly, what else do you have planned for 2012? Any upcoming collaborations?
Well, with the ‘Coyote Clean Up x SELA.’ Split having already been released, the only planned upcoming (collaboration) release is one that will be me and Contact Lens. Can’t reveal too much more information besides the fact that it will be 6 tracks each. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it.
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