Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pazes - 'Rogue States' feat. Biblo

Earlier this month Michigant put out its second volume to their, Michigant Tapes, series. Its a really well put together 16 track compilation that contains some fine-tuned electronic seeking beats. It's beachy, poppy, lo-fi, and perfect for the summer. The 14th number is brought by former Basilian Red Bull Music Academy participant, Pazes.

He worked with previously blogged about Biblo, to curate a celestial healing mantra that leaves a grey trail of frustration and remorse. The phasing rhythm speaks like the eerie wind of the night and withers with the silent howls of Biblo. This track is also featured on Pazes debut fuzzy lurked EP, Limbo, in which you can freely download from his bandcamp. Its some incredible stuff.

Download the entire, Michigant Tapes Vol.2, over here.

Pazes - Rogue States feat. Biblo

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