Saturday, May 5, 2012

heavy rotation :: Lumigraph / Sweet D - Untitled

From the grassroots of Dublin, Ireland there is a coalition of the region's finest underground sound mutators. First Second Label is this collective; a collective that brings light to the true gems in techno, house, bass, break, and minimal. They recently released their 12th number with a split feature from Lumigraph and Sweet D, entitled, Untitled.

The 8-track industrial symphony takes shape in EP format with an extraterrestrial space dance essence. Its jam packed with 4 tracks from each of the talented bass tuners. Lumigrapgh brings all the grit from the Chicago wind into the boroughs of the Twef 29 Districts. While, Sweet D knocks it out with that golden feeling you blend with the patterns of every day life. Dublin tones and textures of the underground right here. Their sense of rhythm will hook the ear drums. Download it entirely for free over on the label's bandcamp. Also check out all the other cool stuff the collective's soundcloud has to offer.

Lumigraph / Sweet D - Untitled (click to download)

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