Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DECKast #31 x AyGeeTee

For this issue of the DECKast there comes a mix from one of London's finest sound experimenters, AyGeeTee. He has put together a 43 minute mix built through the selection of some of his current favorites. He shares a treatment to 22 tracks in which he weirdly diffused his tropical funk rhythm patterns and layered up one hell of a mix. Regurgitating basslines, deeply felt loop-sensations, and body moving lucidity. All is good over here! Listen up and get locked into AyGeeTee's groove. Here's what he had to say...

"I dunno what to say really, is just a fraction of the things I rlly dig & have been particularly into recently (or just fits well with the other stuff but kin love anyway (else wldn't be here otherwise) the sun is shining in London which it hasn't done for a LONG time,; so all is good with the world (maybe not altogether...? but temporarly in mine, at least)"

DECKast #31 - AyGeeTee (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
1. WARM THIGHS - A100-9032-0000 FUBAK
2. SSALIVA - DIE GEM (intro warped) (unreleased)
4. (background) *~C☯☯L-‚Ą≥emoryz~* - ionic breeze
6. MISTAKES ARE OK - Koala (BNJMN remix)
7. FELICITA - Alternative Soundtrack to Summer '96 (short version)
9. (snippet!) MIDNIGHT TELEVISION - Commercial Dreams
10. LUST & HEATSTROKE - Olivia
11. ODYSSEY - Who?
12. jahiliyya fields -Water Breaker
13. BOY MTN - What's Protocol? Your Playlist Can Do Better
14. tropes - Small Talk
15. Peverelist meets Tshetsha Boys - Uya Kwihi Ka Rose
16. Cupp Cave - bambi
17. Marciano65- Pet
18. SPACE GHOST - Feed Me
19. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - 2
20. Politesse - Friends at Play
21. Ssaliva (ft. Jeremiah Jae) - Moonblood
22. les halles - Keep Cool
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