Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coyote Clean Up x SELA. - Split

A split EP collaboration between Coyote Clean Up and SELA., is something I never expected to be coming. The result is pure bliss. I remember when I first heard Coyote Clean Up with his very memorable split EP with FUR; their Lackadaisical EP, which was released during the Spring/Summer season of 2010. I recall this because this new material is very reminiscent of his previous creations like, 'Don't Worry Dub (w_Orphan)', its very nostalgic and kicks me in that same summer mood as it did in 2010.

Both the dude's stirred up six instrumentals each; CCU leaves a dubby resonance with his reworks while SELA. brings his minimally sentimental head-changing beats. Its a gorgeous release. I highly suggest you go and support these amazing givers of sound and get their EP for a 'name your price deal' on SELA.'s bandcamp. It'll only take a second, lay back and relax...

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