Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nifkin & Larus Ridibundus - PPP005

The good brothers over in Sweden from the Pom Peri Posse crew release their fifth release featuring the duet of Nifkin and Larus Ridibundus. Both, are two soulful enthusiastic dudes that have a sense of time and rhythm I have yet to hear anywhere else. I love when these two team up, they always manage to curate something extraordinary. This 5th release of their's does exactly that, Nifkin and Larus have aggregated and produced what sounds like sub-terrain of bass alley ways that leak of ghettotech formations and footworked rhythms. One of my favorite tracks off this, 'Deep Strolling', takes the vocals of Adele and warps to them into an instant classic. They are an overlooked bunch. Get their post-dancefloor bangers at a 'name your price deal' over on the crew's bandcamp. Listen for yourself...

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