Monday, March 5, 2012

PO PO - 'Final Fight'

Mad Decent's former band of brothers, PO PO, has slimmed down to just one lonesome sibling and that's Zeb Malik. The one brother carried on the name to create the long-awaited debut album, Dope Boy Magick. Comprised of old and new tracks, the album takes on a much more brighter and organized approach from the previous smaller releases. The album also features production from Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, PiL, Gang of Four) as well as Diplo and Malik himself.

'Final Fight' was released as a video in February of 2010 (watch here) but made the final cut for this album. It's a great track, as is the rest of the album. PO PO has progressed and grown quite a bit in the past years and I feel this album will definitely bring a new plate of opportunities for Philly-Paki basement star. Preview and listen to the album over here. Highly recommended.

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