Friday, March 16, 2012

Ouisa Hound - Our Wake / Memorand

20 year old Hiram, Ohio villager, Joseph Randolph makes music under the roof of his discreet bedroom that shelters his entitlement of the alias Ouisa Hound. He has a soul embedded ambiance to the sounds in which he creates. Joseph came out with his first introduction of experiments about a month ago with a gorgeous release entitled, The Joy Eclectic. You can grab that over at his badncamp page for free.

"I just want to make music for lonely people like me" via Concepto Radio (read their full interview with him here)

Since then, Ousia, has released a pair of tracks, 'Our Wake' and 'Memorand'. Both tracks compound beautiful harmonizations with a classical ambiance. Their liberating and profoundly atmospheric compositions act as a catalyst to let the mind dip into a state of extensive dreaminess. It's very inspiring. Take a listen and download below...

Ouisa Hound - Our Wake/Memorand (click to download)

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