Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DECKast #29 x The Olsen Twinns

Mickey Davis aka The Olsen Twinns mixes in for this issue of the DECKast. He has put together a 33 min mix compiled of short and sweet jams that endure a space lifting psychedelia that will surely perk your ears up for a tasteful listen. He talks about what he has put together in the beginning of the mix, check it out and let loose...

DECKast #29 - The Olsen Twinns (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
Nels Cline - Cymbidium
Closer - Wiping Out Thousands
Humble (SP-505) - Grey(coyote)
Itching - Truman Peyote
Black Widow in my Window (Xiu Xiu Remix) - Little Ruckus
Stillness - Phantom Vibration
Levity - MUNQS
You Die - Lane Weaver ft. Little Ruckus
Didn't I (Darondo cover) - Jack Penate
Ride Frindship - Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!
The Proxy - RJD2
Safe With Me - Trouble Lights
Slowly, Brighter - Olsen Twinns
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