Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Natasha Kmeto - The Ache

Natasha Kmeto has strung a chord with me ever since her previous track, 'Belly', on the Dropping Gems 2nd compilation. Well to my excitement she's back with an entirely new set of tunes in her new album, The Ache, which is out now on Dropping Gems.

The dynamic vocals of Ms.Kmeto support her electrifyingly barrier breaking beat bassed instrumentals. Yeah, its something completely different from what she has created in the past but this new direction of her sound might be the best from her yet. Its always exciting to hear new emerging artists immediately explore their craft to its fullest potential. That enthusiasm makes their music that much more promising. Ms.Kmeto is definitely a keeper and will not disappoint. The album also features a remix from the great Letherette! Download her new album at a 'name your price deal' over at the label's bandcamp.

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