Friday, February 10, 2012

Joseph Stallion & Seapoint - 'Made Like This'


On Portals newest feature section, "PORTALswap", the London/San Francisco project, Joseph Stallion was showcased. The band consists of two, Max Petrek and his female vocalist, Erin Ross. They teamed up with Montreal's Seapoint to fabricate an atmospheric bass churner that hits incredibly deep in all fields.

'Made Like This' lays down a set of noisy embedded samples while synths hover over it to enlighten the ever so captivating vocals of both Max and Erin. There's a sense of spatial ambiance that Seapoint brings to the track that leads you deep inside the fortifying structure of this pulsating mind-bender. Gorgeous tune. Oh and check out all of the other music Joseph Stallion has to offer over at his soundcloud.

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