Sunday, February 5, 2012

heRobust - Late Night / Morning After

Atlanta's glitch-wave indebted beatsmith, heRobust, released his remarkable double LP on Saturate Records at the beginning of this month. With a future funk and soul powered essence in everything Hayden has been fabricating he successfully dissembles his technically robust vibe and channels his sounds into a galaxy of luscious and nurturing milky ways, that formulate the releases, Late Night & Morning Ater.

While Late Night explores the body-gripping and groove-filled strutting numbers, it creates an atmosphere of its own; switching off all thoughts in the mind and letting the body unwind to dance with the stars. Morning After takes on a lot more of a down-tempo charade, orchestrating an up-lifting song bank of soul drowned beats, glitches, hisses, and zooms. Grab them both for free at the label's bandcamp.

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