Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DECKast #25 x Warm Thighs

SLF Tapes curator and Brighton's madcap beat superstar, Warm Thighs mixes in for the 25th issue of the DECKast. Perry sent over this mix over about a month ago, and jam-packed it with a whirlwind of exquisitely tawdry VLC goodness. Thirty minutes of sultry easy-listening stimulations and otherworldly beatific rifts that soar high above alongside the 80's bangers that bring this mix to life. Here's what Warm Thighs had to say about the mix...

"Like, hello, I'm warm thighs, I love sunsets, writing long emails to friends and drinking pina coladas! This mix is a lot of SLF shit and a lot of completely random sexy shit that I like. Shout outs to Culprit & Randy Hall."

DECKast #25 - Warm Thighs mix (right click + save as)

Tracklist ::
Cadeo - Coloratissmo
Divine - You Think You're A Man
Sensei Himself - Boatshoes
Aygee Tee - LOVEextra
Parkerstewart - I'm Pregnant
Chushi - dvre
Warm Thighs - Y Mattress
Dak - couldbeamendeder
Warm Syrup - ((Anthony & The Camp))
1618 - cblpok 4
Selfish - backfat slabs (2pc. combo)
Dj Screw - Yo-Yo - So Funky
Cakedog - Crave
CY18291 - Shoes
Warm Thighs - Mazes II
Clausel - Let Me Love You
Bolo Yeung - BRUCEVSBOLO 08
p00k - Pre Bot
Bolo Yeung - 016
Sensei Maguro - Super Chicken
Sensei Maguro - Cold Snake
Bottom Fly - You're So Beautiful
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