Sunday, January 29, 2012

preview :: Slava - 'I've Got Feelings Too'

Born in Moscow but now a current resident in Brooklyn, visual and music producer, Slava Balsanov aka Slava has an upcoming release on the paired Mexican Summer and Software label. Slava unleashes a syrupy post-footwork jam entitled, 'I've Got Feelings Too', which will be featured on his Soft Control EP, out early this coming February.

Its barely the end of the first month in the new year and there are already a vast amount of artists racing towards this emerging up-bass juke structure in their compostions of sound. Its a beautiful sect in electronic music that's taking growth and I can't wait to hear more producers jump on its train.

Slava's banger, 'I've Got Feelings Too', pumps up on its skittering footwork laced bass-line and lets the rhythm speak through its cascading synths which carry its electrifying range of captivity and the rolling mantra of "i've got feelings too". Watch out for this one...

Also :: Here's what Slava's been up to with his visual aspect of things...[via]

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wheres the song looool