Monday, January 2, 2012

Pom Peri Posse - Gathering #1

Good friends over at Pom Peri Posse have a new release of tunes in celebration for the new year. New tracks from Tony Devotion and Nifkin. I can't stress enough about the pieces that are coming from the entire collective. Pushing and breaking boundaries of sound structures and minimalism; each member of the crew brings their own individuality and creative nature in the sounds they fabricate. They are a powerhouse of producers that need to be heard. You guys are the best. <3. Get it... Download

Tracklist ::
1. Fai Ling - Girl Candy
2. Fresh Jonte - New Timeline
3. Emanuel Mettmann - It's Disco
4. Larus Ridibundus - La Vache
5. Nifkin & Larus Ridibundus - Kvadrat
6. Nifkin - Expensive Nails
7. Tony Devotion - Steel is Real
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