Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grouper - 'Demona' (Dead Moon Cover)

It's always reassuring to hear an artist nail their sound, but it's also refreshing to hear an artist progress and develop their sound. What makes an artist stand out is when an artist is comfortable incorporating their old sound with their new sound, creating a mixture of both familiar and unfamiliar territory.

A take on Dead Moon's "Demona" is still Grouper, but with some straightforwardness. The druggy, Clams Casino-like murkiness still wraps around Grouper's production. The voice is still buried in thick reverb and the guitar's distortion still stresses the song's mood. "Demona" is Grouper's take on punk and she has managed to shape it the way she best represents herself.

Grouper - Demona (Dead Moon Cover)
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