Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best of SELA.

Bay area producer, SELA., recently came up on my radar not too long ago with his incredibly precious discography. Dating back to the end of summer last year, SELA., has been on his beat experimentation game consecutively for sometime now. He has been making hit after hit releases on his bandcamp. Deep soulful ambiance for the relaxing mind to sync to. Looping and swooning beat instrumentals that tickle the heart and free the mind of all worry. Incredibly lucid and syrupy. Reminds me of Knxwledge quite a bit. So for those of you Knx fans out there; these sounds definitely won't disappoint. This cat is doing some great things. Here's two of my favorite tracks off two of his best releases, SmackDaHoe Presents: SELA. and (See) 1993 - EP. Grab his entire discography over HERE.

SELA. - Lucoutu

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