Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sina. - 'Remembrance'

Sina. recently debuted his EP, From Love To Dust, on the Project Mooncircle label and it's another one for the books. The EP accentuates and capitalizes the beauty of this broken post-electronic sound that is ever so vast and minimal, making each instrumentation used have a feature role in its scenic synchopation. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for labels like Project Mooncircle that pushes an unheard dimension of electronic music. Mad love to them and mad love to Sina. for creating this beautiful piece. 'Remembrance', stretches its blissful meditations to the highest of heavens and sheds light on a dooming feel-good soundscape that underpins a golden sense of etherealness and focus. Easy-listening at its finest. Stream and purchase the EP at its entirety over at PM's bandcamp.

Sina. - Remembrance
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Sina. - All Alone

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