Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life Crushed x That's Deck presents :: Universal Hymns

A couple months ago the dudes over at Life Crushed (Brian and Olin) and I started to brainstorm for this compilation we entitled, Universal Hymns. We wanted to bring you a humble and talented set of artists that push a sound that is ever so spatial, explorative, and above-beyond expectation. The compilation ranges from Life Crushed's heavy set of artists in which they've constantly supported throughout on one side while on the other I give you a shorter set of tunes from former DECKastees and liked artists from this past year, that have participated with new and old gloriously constructed pieces. These are a collection of perplexing sounds that Life Crushed and I are really faithful towards, supportive of, and clearly can't get enough of at the moment. All these producers, experimentalists, and inventors from different regions of the earth, unite to bring you hymns that can universally be heard and fed into the depths of your ear drums at anytime of day or night. Download both our sides to the compilation below...

Side TD (download HERE)

1. Warm Thighs - Diva
2. Thought Tempo - Core
3. Rekchampa - No Help
4. Space Ghost - My Bed
5. Nifkin - Spirit of Rudebwoai
6. Sir Influenza - Chimes
7. Tony Devotion - Red Couch

Side LC (download HERE)

1. KamiKapnobatai - Feels Like Dope
2. Placeholder – Librarian
3. Mosis – Possi
4. real - whoever said…
5. Grobbie & Yoin - Just Begun
6. Runamucker - Dreams of Bergen
7. Nowahuta- Kingdom at Every Corner
8. Smoke Room - Temple
9. Ramphastos - Spellbound
10. IVVVO - You Make Me Fall
11. Chainless - Monolith
12. Bruises - Sailing Stone
13. Idea3 - Love You
14. Hwood - Escaping the Storm
15. R.T.S. - We’re Alone

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