Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DECKast #22 x Hollabec

I first came across Ms.Verschuur aka Hollabec when she added me on Last.fm a while back. I find it really interesting when you come across another person from an entirely different region of the planet that is listening to the same artists or sounds as you are currently. She recently has had some small shows in Melbourne, Australia, and more are to be on the way; so if you are in the area, check her out! Be sure to have a listen at her previous mixes and sound pieces she's done up on her soundcloud. I appreciated Bec's taste in music so much that I asked her to mix in for this issue of the DECKast. In return she fabricated a drippy set of soulful knicks and knacks that carry an easy breathing down-tempo vibe that is quintessential to her varying music library. Thanks for sharing this one Bec! Here's what she had to say about the mix...

"Just a little collection of some tracks that I've been playing over and over these past few months that have kept me on my feet.
Fresh emotional beats (old and new), that have inspired me. I think these are going to continue to stay in my heart for a little while. Enjoy x

DECKast #22 - Hollabec mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
1. Intro
2. Thinking We Still - Rekchampa
3. Your Two Choices - B.Lewis
4. Beat Imperial - Kelp
2. Early Ideas - AFTA-1
3. Don Barzini - Jimmy Pé
4. Gene Kelly - Handbook
5. LeT'M Do - Mind Touch
6. Appreciation - TEKST
7. Sleepless feat. Antony For Cleopatra - Flume
8. My Love Pt.II - Vanilla
9. Look of Love (JayLotus Remix) - J Dilla
10. Centuries Passed - AiS
11. Honey - Galapagos
12. Top Notch - Dibia$e
13. Anrdomeda - Pavel Dovgal
14. Kassie - Fitz Ambro$e
15. Metal and Wood - Crewdson
16. It's All Good - Falty DL
17. Stolen Dog - Burial
18. 1998 (Interlude) - Sango
19. Sticky - Amenta
20. Marie - Divine Interface
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