Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nifkin - Caught me Red-Bearded

The highly overlooked, Nifkin, released his debut album today entitled, Caught Me Red-Bearded. The 10-track piece subdues itself in minimalistic soundscapes and obscuring rhythms that sum up a very nice first masterpiece by the man. Highly doubtful at first, the collection carries itself towards tracks like, 'Rawist Dub', where dark dubby bass rackets and hubbubs enter the listening atmosphere, forming an uplifting complex of sound. This complex echoes for acres in Molle's compositions. He showcases everything in raw and gritty audible form making a nice continuation of solid tunes, beginning to end. The finalizing track, 'Deb Roda ft. Detlof', is the longest and most golden out of the 10. Avant-garde claps, haunting synths, and a formulated rotation of rhythmic soul. This one reaches far into the galaxies. Sweden always reels in the finest of talent. My boy Nifkin & the rest of the Pom Peri Posse crew, are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Download the whole album at a 'name your price' deal on his bandcamp.

Also :: I did a mix for Pom Peri Posse's most recent podcast # 6. Checkout the tracklisting and download the whole thing over HERE.

Podcast episode 6 - Nifkin & t.s.d.k.
my part ::

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