Monday, November 14, 2011

Doldrums - 'Im Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite'

Hailing from Montreal Canada; Eric Woodhead aka Doldrums, releases his debut EP, Empire Sound, on the No Pain In Pop label. The sound collaging psychedelic-pop producer strips away from every genre, feeling, and character; forming a cult of formulating experiments that are somewhat resemblant to that of Panda Bear, How To Dress Well, and simliar masters of the current musical atmosphere. The incredibly out-of the blue vocals and rhythms running alongside the layered abstracting fine-tuned samples, is among the few simulations Doldrums shares with the gods. He's loud and he's not afraid to show it. Eric creates sounds into creatures that are free of time and settlers of a far away galaxy where his all-mighty tenor vocals are the center of its universe. Everything this dude has brought to the plate thus far has been incredible, including his remix on Portishead's new 12", Chase The Tear. His 6-track EP has been lingering around on his soundcloud for months now and finally has seen the light. The EP's second number, 'I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite', spews of staggering drumline cadences and horn-line rifts that lift Mr.Woodhead's youthful vocals above and beyond the stars and towards those satellites. If this song leaves you thirsting for more Doldrum material, fret not, for all of it is up for free on his soundcloud! Download or purchase the entire EP over here or here.

Doldrums - I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite

Doldrums also makes some neat visuals...Check them all out over at Youtube.

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