Sunday, October 30, 2011

RAJA - Red

19 year old spatial instrumentalist from New York, RAJA, drops a golden collection of 33 melodies for free today on Astro Nautico. The lounge shining beat-tape is entitled, Red, and its a smooth-sailer beginning to end. The mixtape features one of Brainfeeder's underestimated, Jeremiah Jae, which is pretty damn awesome. Jazzy rifts, beat kinks, and spatial explorations. Download the whole thing for free over at Astro Nautico's bandcamp. All hail RAJA...

Update :: Red was just the first mixtape in his October Series, here's pt.II, Witch, and pt.III in the series, Color. Download them both for free off bandcamp...

RAJA - Witch (click to download)
RAJA - Color (click to download)

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