Sunday, October 16, 2011

Orchestra of Spheres - 'Hypersphare' (Daphni edit)

Daphni aka Caribou recently installed his vol.2 of edits on Resista records. The release features his edit of New Zealand band, Orchestra of Spheres, 'Hypersphare', and warps its into a psychedelic disco swoon that persistently layers away and takes you to a different listening state. Purchase it over here.

Orchestra of Spheres - Hypersphare (Daphni edit)

Bonus :: Dan Snaith debuts some new Daphni tunes on his newly launched record label, Jiaolong. Stream the whole thing below its a very limited release. Here's the wonderful A-side...

Cos Ber Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni mix)

Previously :: Daphni - 'Mapfumo'
Daphni - Mapfumo

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