Sunday, October 2, 2011

King Deluxe & The 2999 Project

The wonderful King Deluxe label and Peppermill Records has been undergoing this stellar assignment called, The 2999 Project, for the past year. The labels asked a wide variety of electronic producers to curate sounds that they thought would be fitting of the time, 2999, 989 years from now. To help each of the artists ideas come to life, they have chosen a wide array of illustrators to interpret each track; in combination resulting some fantastic audio and visual pieces. All the tracks and artwork are freely downloadable on the King Deluxe site and apparently they have a lot more on the way. It's truly a neat project by these guys and should be seen and heard by every electronic beat lover out there. Below are my favorites off the project and all the rest can be listened to over here.

DNTEL - Super Antihistamine (click to download)
DNTEL - Super Antihistamine by The Peppermill

Max Ulis - Seven (click to download)
Max Ulis - Seven by King Deluxe

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