Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DECKast #19 x Nifkin

Sweden's Pom Peri Posse collective head guy, Nifkin, installs this issue of the DECKast. Molle compiles a seamless series of tracks, eclectic and eccentric in every way possible; the thirty-two min mix will open up your mind and feed your soul. I'm going to be mixing in for the next podcast over at the PPP blog so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here's what Nifkin had to say about the mix...

"A very accidental playlist, some of the tracks I bearly knew I had. To me their all a little bit timeless in a way. Some classic favourites in there, mainly I wanted to put in stuff from outside the beatscene, not really related to eachother. Tracks that aren't all that hot. To be enjoyed whenever."

DECKast #19 - Nifkin mix

Tracklist ::
1. ISIS - Maritime (Teledubgnosis)
2. Cex - Denton
3. Busdriver And Radioinactive With Daedelus - Name Forgetter (slow extra bass version)
4. Kid 606 - Autobahn
5. Lakker - Breath
6. Pangaea - Why
7. Clark - Hot May Slides
8. Tortoise - Monica
9. Jaga Jazzist - Going Down
10. Epo-555 - Le Beat's On Fire
11. Moris Mitchell - 2005 Till Infinity
12. PH7 - Das ist O.R (SP Soul RMX) (Instrumental)
13. Jaga Jazzist - Two Things
14. Icon The Mic King - Substance Abuse (Instrumental)
15. Prince Fatty - Nina's Dance (DUB)
16. Uffie - In Charge (Instrumental)

Also :: He's got some new jams up on his soundcloud...

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