Monday, September 26, 2011

Pom Peri Posse

Sweden collective, Pom Peri Posse, is one hell of an overlooked bunch with their self produced and self organized gallery of tunes, beat phrases, and instrumentals. The cast comprises of four exceptionally talented electronic constructors; bass abstractionist, Nifkin, feel-good hip-hopper, Fresh Jonte, rhythmic fiend, Tony Devotion, and two-stepper king, Larus Ridibundus. Each one of these dudes have a numerous amount of tracks on their soundclouds as well as collaborations uploaded on their collective soundcloud. It's an incredible amount of great stuff coming from these guys and I highly recommend you feed your ears with all they have to offer. Here's some of my favorites by each of the members...

Twos n Five by Nifkin
Fresh Jonte - Franco Riddim by Pom Peri Posse
Hekto Vibe by Tony Devotion
Larus Ridibundus - De Jeunes Gens Modernes by Larus Ridibundus

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