Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DRC Music - 'Lingala (featuring Bokatola System and Evala Litongo)'

DRC Music is a collective of UK producers lead by Damon Albarn, that encompasses top dogs like Actress, T-E-E-D (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs), Dan The Automator, Jneiro Jarel, Richard Russel, Marc Antoine, Alwest, Rodaidh McDonald and Kwes. The whole gang all recently made a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to record an album with Congolese musicians in Kinshasa, all strictly within five days. All the proceeds of the album go to the Oxfam organization to help aid to the thousands of the DRC's poorest people. It's truly an extraordinary project that this group of producers have created and produced. The album is entitled, Kinshasa One Two, while it contains fourteen tracks of african dosed dub-pop rhythms and soulfully rooted Congolese voices, that have each number of the masterpiece under its own experimentation. "Lingala", one of their select three tracks on soundcloud, wears its vibrant hollow bass reverberations and howls its Swahili sounding mantra into a sub-atmosphere of groove, dub, and minimal afrik-house. Pre-order this incredible piece of work at its entirety over HERE and stream a couple of the tracks down below...

DRC Music - Lingala (featuring Bokatola System and Evala Litongo)

DRC Music - Kinshasa One Two (see http://drcmusic.org ) by DRC Music

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