Friday, September 23, 2011

DECKast #17 x Jay Curry

For this issue of the DECKast we got Jay Curry in the mix. He has put together a compilation of party staters and leg movers for your head to bop and rock to. If this doesn't get you moving, I don't know what will. Trey begins the mix with a beach dazing nostalgia that slowly pans into some boogie down dance numbers, and ties it all together ending with some gritty ass hip-hoppin ditties. Real fun one. He made some really dope art for this as well check it here. Here's what the man himself had to say about his 'Tropical Trap' of a mix...

"I did this mix over a month's span. I redid it a couple times, so i could get the right songs in there i was feeling at the time. I have a new Vince Staples verse on there that's unreleased. Produced by me. Tropical Trap. I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks"

DECKast #17 - Jay Curry mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
1. Sleepwalking - Santo & Johnny
2. Maliblue - Darius
3. Sable Doux - Cherokee
4. Pantera - Kartell
5. Take Care - Cherokee
6. Anaheim Harbour - Jay Curry
7. Miami Vice Part 1 - Vince Staples (prod. Jay Curry)
8. SuckANiggaD*** - Spaceghostpurrp
9. Gettin Flicked - Boldy James
10. Bern Rhythm - Teebs
11. Kitties - Samiyam
12. Retro Metro - Suavi Jupiter
13. White Girl Problems - Jay Curry
14. A Real Hero - College Fea. Electric Youth
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