Monday, September 5, 2011

Cloud Boat - 'Bastion'

R & S records newest member, Cloud Boat, released their debut single, Lions On The Beach, today. I haven been on this single for quite sometime now streaming it over and over again through the label's soundcloud. There's something just so incredible about the b-side of this release that makes it an instant classic. 'Bastion' plays part in a melodramatic number that slowly lures the listener into this bass and sub haven of emotive guitar strings and heavy reverbs of vocals. Such a beautiful and glorious composition. Can't wait to hear more stuff from this duo. In the meantime purchase the single over here.

Cloud Boat - Bastion

A-side ::
Cloud Boat - Lions On The Beach by R & S Records
Bonus :: Speaking of R & S records... They just updated their soundcloud with a mind-bending mix by Klaus. Download the haunting RSMIX001 below...

Tracklist ::
Airhead - Plastic Wind [Unreleased]
Radovan Scasascia - Untitled [WCEC]
Evangelista - On the Captain's Side [Constellation]
Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan (Mogwai Remix) [Eye Q]
Tim Hecker - Whitecaps of White Noise II [Kranky]
Fennesz - Saffron Revolution [Touch]
Bell Orchestre - Water/Light/Shifts [Arts & Crafts]
Klaus - Tarry [Forthcoming R&S]
Loefah - Mud [DMZ]
Coki - Mood Dub [DMZ]
Set Fire To Flames - Esquimalt Harbour [Alien8]
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Unanka
The Olympians - The Rain Song [Truth & Soul]

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