Friday, August 12, 2011

Nicolas Jaar - 'What My Last Girl Put Me Through' (Bluewave Edit)

Nicolas Jaar, Clown and Sunset label founder, treated the worldwide web with some new material on his label's soundcloud with some of his very own 'Bluewave Edits'. There's three of them and each are a hit, almost somewhat genius. 'What My Last Girl Put Me Through', was first introduced to me on Nicolas's XLR8R Podacst mix and for a while, it was a segment that I repeated constantly. Now its officially a realease! Such a soothing and soulful unwind of a groove that is so nostalgic of past times and raw with its intricate drumset patterns, creating a head-swaying number and absolutely great rework of the original. Stream all three of his 'Bluewave edits' below...

Nicolas Jaar - What My Last Girl Put Me Through

Nico's Bluewave edits by Clown and Sunset
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