Friday, August 26, 2011

first listen :: Rekchampa - 'Baby Cheesus'


Stefan aka Rekchampa (former DECKastee) gave us an exclusive new track of his to be premiered entitled, 'Baby Cheesus'. The bass clouding funky melody rides a 2-step beat that finds itself in a wonky atmosphere of its own. The sneaky synth takes on a downtempo dance rhythm that moves and grooves ever so swiftly. It's such a big tune and so banging beginning to end. Go check out all of his other recent tunes on his soundcloud after you download this one...

Rekchampa - Baby Cheesus

Also :: Don't know how I missed this one but Mr.Ringer secretly put out a new 3-track EP entitled, Elorum, on his bandcamp earlier this month. Download and stream below...

Rekchampa - Elorum (click to download)

Previously :: DECKast #13 x REKchampa
DECKast #13 - REKchampa mix

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