Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DECKast #14 x Nvthlss

Directly from Paris, David aka Nvthlss, made a mix for this issue of our DECKast. He carefully selected a few of his currently preferred feel-good artists and cooked up an opus of some ever so laid-back hip-hop vibin' tunes. Succulent to the ear drums from beginning to end, all 35 minutes of it. It's continuous momentum of utterly unwinding kickback beats that can easily make it one to be repeated over and over again. Here's his rather lengthy explanation yet about the mix...

"J&D tout est pour le mieux: it's a beat that i made with my "brother" J, the voice of billy paul ...this beat is really special for me
then there's this sa-ra joint , it's my favourite, the beat is crazy and the voice too; SA RA is really dope so i couldn't do a mix without them; and then we have the daru and rena song, this song is really special to me because of the sample: return of the crooklyn dodgers which is, by far, my favourite hip hop song, and rena's voice....then we have the melo-x joint, i remember that the first time i listened to it, i was really amazed; and then we have the jneiro jarel joint: breathin, which is marvellous, i bought the album and i remember i didn't know nothing about jneiro jarel as a beatmaker and after the first listening, it was this joint that i repeated the most; then there is conversation with her; and then we have the cody chesnutt song: boylife in america ... this joint is so crazy; the voice of cody , i discovered him thanks to the dave chapelle movie and i bought his first album which blew me away; i think it's one of the voice that i love the most and this album ... the atmosphere, the context of the recording, such a beautiful song; then we have the d'angelo joint: the root, on the voodoo album, it's my favourite song of d'angelo which is my favourite artist, i listen to him all the time and voodoo is one of these albums that is really important for music; then the mos def joint on his second album which is one of his best albums no matter what people seems to think; this is not my favourite track on the album (modern marvel) but on this song the beat is raw and that's what i liked; then there is D' , and then we have mos def with revelations... love that beat, just that, and the mix comes to an end with the slum village joint which is a classic, j dilla!

DECKast #14 - Nvthlss mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
1) J&D- tout est pour le mieux
2) SA-RA-melodee n mynor
3) Daru and Rena-when you're there
4) Melo x- just me
5) Jneiro Jarel-breathin
6) Nvthlss- conversation with her
7) Cody Chesnutt- boylife in america
8) D'angelo-the root
9) Mos Def-grown man business
10) Nvthlss- D'
11) Mos Def- revelations
12) Slum village-players

Oh and David has some new tracks up on his soundcloud too, check it...
Nvthlss: It's real by Nvthlss
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